Gnagarna Nature Tube

Gnagarna Nature Tube is made out of cardboard. The cardboard comes direct from trees and is treated with the greatest respect to environment during manufacturing. To use any type of cardboard will not do. It may look the same as many other qualities but it is that which you don’t see that makes the difference. Our quality is free from grinded bone, plastic and other materials that is not suited to be in the rodents environment. Our cardboard also releases less dust. When your pets chew and pull at the cardboard there is less dust released and that gives a sounder board for rodents. It is not until you drill or saw in the cardboard that it releases greater amounts of dust. Unfortunately then it releases heavy amounts of a fine, fine dust. We advice you to keep this in mind should you decide to alter our products.

Gnagarna Nature Tube is developed to fulfill your pets desire to run in tunnels. The exercise your pet’s given also improves the general health and immunesystem. An active pet has a better immune system and is less likely to get sick not to mention that you, its owner, gets more fun out of a pet that can exercise more of the instincts and needs it was born with.

Where and when you want to use the tube is up to you. Outside the cage or inside. On the floor outside the cage Gnagarna Nature Tube quickly becomes a natural hideout for your pet and in the cage you can put it on the floor or on the wire frame. You can also use the tube as a ramp between the floor and a Gnagarna Nature Rack or between two racks. Of course it is always appreciated by your pet if the tube is also arranged in various levels and angels outside the cage. The security of the tube makes it easier for your pet rodent to find its way even across the open spaces, since it now can feel 100% secure in the tube.

Gnagarna Nature Tube is manufactured and sold in four dimensions: 7, 10, 12 and 15 cm (approximately 2.75, 4., 4.75 and 6 inches in diameter). Gnagarna Nature Tube is manufactured in yellow, red, green, oiled and natural. Normally we only treat the outside of the tube (except for oiled that is also treated inside) and leave the inside natural. The different dimensions is made to accommodate different rodents. Gerbils, deguses and hamsters are comfortable with 7 or 10 cm (2.75 or 4 inches) while guinea pigs and small rabbits are more comfortable with 12 or 15 cm (4.75 or 6 inches). If you are looking for a tube of another dimension or you want it treated inside as well we are always eager to accommodate your desire. Send us a message at one of the options under contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gnagarna Nature Tube is very light weight regardless of dimension. This makes it easy to remove when you need to clean the cage or vacuum the floor. During 2005 we will intruduse an accessory to the tube called Gnagarna Snap Clips that makes it easier to attach the tube to the wire frame of the cage.

When you no longer want your Gnagarna Nature Tube you simply put it in the recycle bin for cardboard or paper. If you don’t have access to recycling in your neighborhood it is of course safe to discard with your other trash or if you have a compost you can make great plant soil out of it. Regardless what you do with it it wont harm nature. The materials used is harmless when ignited, even though they are not suited to light garden fire since they don’t burn very well, and they don’t give of any fumes if recycled or composted.

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