Gnagarnas (which is Swedish for rodents) products is specially adapted to meet the needs and requirements of rodents living as pets.

Our products makes it easier to provide your pet with activating things to do. Our Gnagarna Nature Rack and Gnagarna Nature Tube together with accessories like Gnagarna Quick Clips gives everyone the opportunity to provide an environment that has less unnatural ingredients. Our Gnagarna Nature Fort gives you somewhere safe to keep your pet outside of the cage.For example while cleaning the cage.

Gnagarna develops its products from materials that can re-enter into the natural cycle. First and foremost the products should of course fulfil the need we claim it to fulfil. This is one of the things we guarantee. Every product is accompanied with an instruction that explains how the products was intended to be used, how to assemble it and of course what to do with the product ones it is consumed.

The fact that we have specialized in providing for the needs of rodents does not necessarily mean that our products is only used by rodents. We have received positive feedback from various other animals.

Birds have proven to like our rack. Cat owners have let us know that the tube is a popular hangout for play and leisure and our rack is excellent for placing the feeding bowls on. Ferrets and similar creatures approves both the rack and the tube.

Trough our test panel we know that our products is not only usable for pets. Our rack has been used to replant flowers. Our tube has become both wine rack, a lamp as well as a newspaper stand. The fact that our products is being used to other things that they were intended only makes us proud cause we know that the materials used does not in any way harm the environment.

To complement our range of products we also develop accessories. So far we have the Gnagarna Quick Clips (the consol that is included when you buy the Gnagarna Nature Rack). During 2005 we will also make our Gnagarna Snap Clips available to the market. Gnagarna Snap Clips is an accessory that can be used to secure the tube in a cage.

Do you have a problem you want a solution to or do you have an idea you would like to develop? Does your pet have a need that is hard to satisfy or something else that regards to rodents, the company or our products?

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