Gnagarna Quick Clips

Gnagarna Quick Clips is developed to make it easy to attach anything to the frame of a cage. Not necessarily our products or even animal cages. However originally it was developed to increase the durability of Gnagarna Nature Rack and prevent it from breaking at greater weights. The ears that the rack is equipped with can withstand weights of up to 1,5 kg (3,5 pounds) but when you add the clips it can easily withstand a bunny that weigh up to 10 kg (22 pounds) that is joyfully jumping up and down.

Gnagarna Quick Clips is manufactured from a special kind of metal. It is rust free and slightly flexible. The combination of different metals and treatments gives our clip its unique qualities. It is thin, durable, flexible, rust free and 100% recyclable. Every clip is tested to withstand at least 10 kg (22pounds) at the tip without altering the shape. This gives us the opportunity to leave a 2 year warranty.

How should I proceed to attach the Gnagarna Quick Clips to the cage at the right height?

Start by figuring out at what height you want the thing you are going to attach to be at. Once that is done you take the clips and put it against the cage. The tip should be inwards at the height you would like the “bottom” to be. Now you can clearly see what height the upper loop of the clips meet with a horizontal wire. This is were you should put the upper loop over it like the demonstration below and fasten it at the lower loop.

Attaching to the wire frame of a cage

Now you proceed to assemble whatever it is you want to attach to the cage. Then comes the fun part – watching your pets as they discover what it is you have been doing to their home.

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