Gnagarna Snap Clips

Gnagarna Snap Clips is not jet available to the market. There are still some tests to be done. We expect it to be released in august or september 2005.

Gnagarna Snap Clips is really a spring. The clips is manufactured in the same special material as Gnagarna Quick Clips. This gives the spring its unique qualities. It is thin, flexible, elastic, rust free and 100% recyclable. The clip is heavily tested for durability. We guarantee that it will hold at least 10 kg (22 pounds) for at least 2 years and we therefore offer a 2 year warranty.

Gnagarna Snap Clips was developed to make it easy to attach the Gnagarna Nature Tube to the wire off the cage. The design makes it possible to use the same clip for all dimensions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the 7, 10, 12 or 15 cm (2.75, 4., 4.75 and 6 inches) it will still fit.

When it is time to assemble, it is where on the wire that decides how it’s best to get started. If you want the tube to be high you start with the loop over the tube and if you want the tube to be low you start with the loop under the tube. It makes no difference how you turn the clip since it is the same in both ends.

Once you have attached one end of the Gnagarna Snap Clips to the wire you proceed by wrapping it around the tube and attach the other end. Try to attach it to the wire above the one where the wire meets the frame as illustrated below. If you are trying to attach a 7 cm (2,75 inch) tube you will off course meet the frame higher than illustrated. Once both ends of the Gnagarna Snap Clips is attached the Gnagarna Nature Tube is securely fitted and will stay in place.

Attach to the wire above where the clips is streched

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